Howdy Renovator fans! It's been a long time since we've updated our website, what with the global pandemic and all... We've been thru some changes here, and we'd like to officially welcome our new bass player/vocalist Fairel Corbin into the band! Fairel lost his life-long musical collaborator this past year, and we can certainly relate to that. We are glad to have him with us as we try to find our way in a (hopefully) post-pandemic landscape!  We will miss our former bass player Jessie Rael, who pulled us out of a jamb after the loss of our buddy Pete Collins.  We hope to see him along the way at future gigs! 

Well it ain't over 'till its over, but it looks like we will be having our first gig since the start of all of this!

Come on out! Saturday May 8th outside on the patio:

The Tipsy Taco

505 Mendocino Ave

Santa Rosa CA 

See you there!